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A message from the ITYFL President:


Ipswich-Triton Youth Football recognizes that elementary and middle school students have many options when it comes to participation in sports and other activities.  We also understand that many of you have safety concerns relative to your child’s involvement in youth football.  However, we feel very strongly that there are many compelling benefits to participating in our program.  These include:

·         Excellent development of physical and mental fitness.
·         Instills values of commitment, discipline, leadership, sportsmanship, and delayed gratification.
·         Emphasizes the importance of teamwork.
·         Development of lifelong friendships.

Ipswich-Triton Youth Football has been continuously improving its focus and attention on player safety during the past few years.  Significant among our recent endeavors in this area are:

1)       All coaches are must be certified in the USA Football Heads Up program, which includes mandatory training in concussion recognition and awareness, safe tackling technique, equipment fitting, proper hydration, and more.

2)       ITYFL has designated a Safety Officer, whose specific role is to educate and recommend safety measures to coaches, players, and parents.

3)       ITYFL will adhere to the USA Football National Practice Guidelines for Youth Tackle Football, which sets parameters for heat acclimatization, levels of contact, and open field contact (no more than 25% of practice time).  The majority of practices will consist of instruction on technique and assignment.

4)       We continue to upgrade our helmet and shoulder pad inventory, retiring older equipment and purchasing newer and safer models.

5)       Any player diagnosed with a concussion will not be allowed to return to the field for practices or games without a written note from a physician clearing him to play.
Football seems to have gained a lot recent notoriety related to head injuries, but research shows that other activities carry greater risk for children under 14 years old.  For example, a study by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons showed that bicycle accidents were the leading cause of head injuries for children under 14, more than double that of football.  Skateboard and roller blade accidents were similarly higher. 

Finally, we continue to be excited for our programs. ITYFL has seen a steady increase in the football and cheering programs. Flag football is driving participation in tackle football and providing a bright future for our high school programs. We are asking you to consider giving your child an opportunity to play Ipswich-Triton Youth Football.  We think that the benefits described above, and the enjoyment and comradery of being part of a football team, far outweigh the associated risks.

Ryan Stevens, ITYFL President

Message From the Safety Director to all ITYFL Parents:

Our coaches and their assistants take all precautions to assure the safety and well being of all their players. Each team has a first aid kit available during practice, but as hard as they try, the coaching staffs can only do so much. This is where you as parents can also help. With a few small precautions unnecessary injuries and illnesses can be prevented.

  • Make sure all your player’s equipment fits properly, cleats, pants, padding, etc. Improper fitted equipment can result in painful blisters or on field injuries.
  • Clothing, dress them properly in the warm and hot days as well as the much colder autumn days. Heat stroke and hypothermia can be very serious.
  • Make sure all their equipment and clothing is properly cleaned, dirty sweaty clothing and equipment can harbor bacteria which my result in staff infections if your child has any small abrasions.
  • Make sure they have water, and plenty of it, especially on the hot days of August and early September.
  • Monitor any cuts, abrasions and bruises very closely. Be sure to apply insect repellant as needed.
  • Most of all talk to your player, ask them questions about any and all injuries they may have even if they seem very minor.

Taking these small precautions can go a long way in having a healthy productive season for your player and his teammates. 

Thank you,
Joe Spaulding

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P.O. Box 210 
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Email: [email protected]
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