2015 ITYFL Board of Directors

President: Steve Moylan

Vice President: Dave DeGrappo

Treasurer: Greg Stevens

Secretery: Open

Equipment Manager: Scott Levassuer

Dir Coaching/Plr Agent: Open

Director of Comm: Open

Director of Cheering:  Erica Mourkis

Safety Officer: Howie Lewis

ITYFL Home Schedule

2015 Schedule Coming Soon

Sep 12 or 13 Season Opens

Our Coaching Philosophy:

Make sure the kids have fun, stay safe and learn the fundamentals of football. Teach valuable life lessons like teamwork, preparation, determination, good sportsmanship and how to overcome adversity. Homework and good grades are always a top priority for our players as we are building student athletes and preparing them for high school success.


IMPORTANT Dates for 2015 Youth Football:


Aug 1 - All registration closes. Final teams and rosters are due to CAL.

Aug 6 – Equipment pick-up at 19 Mitchell Rd. JVC team 5.30, A team 6p and B team 6.30 for “equipment fitting”. All players must be paid in full or bring a check.

Monday Aug 10 – Mandatory Coaches Meeting and on-field session to review Combine Day, Drills, Practice plans and Heads-up Tackling.

Aug 11 (Combine Day), Aug 12 (Offense Day), Aug 13 (Defense Day) all pre-season times 5.30 to 7pm – Light practice starts in helmets and shorts (no pads). Lot's of running and non-contact drills.

TUES Aug 11 is "COMBINE DAY” for all players with 6 stations of basic football drills and “timing". A fun way to get the kids back into football and determine positions and skill level. No contact.

WED Aug 12 is “Mini Camp” with numerous O stations (run by separate coaches) and we mix A thru JVC players at QB/Backs station, Receiver station, Linemen station with position experts to teach all levels the basics.

THURS Aug 13 is “Team Day” First 30 mins Defense Stations… still lots of D drills and a little Team O and Team D with 5 basic plays. Lots of running… (still no pads) and PARENT Nite in Town Hall for program overview at 7p.


Pre–season practice times 5.30 to 7p. When school starts 5 to 6.30p.

Aug 18 - First "Full Pads" week - Tues Aug 18 helmets and shoulder pads only for “thud”. No full tackle until Wed Aug 19 and Thurs Aug 20

Aug 25 – Week 3 of pre-season practice and 4 days Tues – Fri Aug 28.

Aug 26 Tiger Wear - Purchase your ITYFL Football and Cheering wear at the Practice field.

Aug 27 Picture Day - Team Pictures

Aug 30th – A Team Jamboree at North Andover for a 30 minute scrimmage.

Sep 1-4 and   Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Sep 7 Labor Day - Week 1 of regular season and GAME WEEK practice on Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri. 5 to 6.30p. School schedule now 5 to 6.30p.

Sep 12/13 – First Game. Sat or Sun to be announced late Aug.


• Coaching Clinics: Many of the coaches have attended offseason coaching clinics put on by some of the best coaches from successful youth, HS, College and Pro (Patriots and Eagles) organizations.  Emphasis during most of these sessions were safety, proper drills and techniques, safe tackling and keys to improving your program.


• Concussion Awareness: All of our coaches are required to complete an online course with USA Football that covers concussion awareness and prevention.  All coaches are taught proper tackling techniques and “concussion awareness” and we then teach all the players the “heads-up tackling” technique from USA Football . We promote the “when in doubt, sit him out” philosophy.


• Uniforms: The A Team will all be getting new game jersey’s this year (with names on back).  We are also eventually moving all levels to black integrated game pants.


Thank you,





Exciting Changes for 2015:

• Cape Ann League aligning schedules to team size, Ipswich in smaller division.

• All Players will now be wearing “Guardian Caps” on their helmets. Take a look…    www.GuardianCaps.com Fundraiser kicking off soon.

• Follow us on Facebook for announcements.

• Send any questions to ityflmail@gmail.com 


We have a great season planned and lot’s of exciting improvements to our program. All home games will be played on the high school field, we have a new website and all our players will be wearing protective helmet caps from Guardian. The coaches are working hard to prepare for the 2015 season.

Welcome to the 2015 Football Season!