2014 Ipswich Tigers Youth Football (A, B, C and JVC teams)


We had a great season last Fall and delivered some nice improvements to our program during the 2014 season.

2014 ITYFL Board of Directors:

President: Steve Moylan

Vice President: Dave DeGrappo

Treasurer:  Kevin Murphy

Secretery: Greg Stevens

Equipment Manager: Scott Levassuer

Dir Coaching/Plr Agent: Peter Ginolfi

Director of Comm: Laura Kilgour

Director of Cheering:  Deb Monroe

Safety Officer: Howie Lewis

ITYFL Home Schedule

2014 Schedule

Sep 7 Home vs. N. Andover

Sep 13 Home vs. Winthrop

Sep 21 Away vs. Pentucket

Sep 28 Home vs. N. Reading

Oct 4 Away vs. Newburyport

Oct 11 Away vs. Amesbury

Oct 18 Away vs. Lynnfield

Oct 26 Home vs. Ham-Wen


Click here for exact times by team.

A quick recap on the 2014 season:

All home games were played at the high school field again last Fall, we launched a new website, added new game uniforms for most of the teams and made some needed adjustments to our spread offense and started using HUDL. The A Team finished 3 -2 in the CAL Small Division and Jack Soritopolous, Ben Yanakakis and Isaiah Morrissey were selected as CAL All-Stars for 2014.


The coaches are already working hard to prepare for 2015 and please consider volunteering to help next Fall. See below for important dates and notes for the off-season.


The league will not be holding an end of year event at the high school this year.  Each football and cheer  team will be getting together in the next few weeks on their own at a venue of their choice, expect to see a note from your coach soon on details.  Directions for equipment/uniform collection will also becoming from your coach.


The Football Board has already started planning for next year and held our first Board Meeting focused on 2015.  We encourage you to attend our board meetings, any parent of a player or cheerleader is welcome.  We meet the 3rd Monday of each month throughout the year at the Town Hall, basement level, under the gym.


We have several roles we would need to fill this year as part of the ITYFL board and will be holding our annual elections for board positions in February and coaching positions in April 2015.   Please contact Steve Moylan (smoylan@assetint.co) or Dave DeGrappo (ddegrappo@gmail.com) if you are interested or have questions about any of the following roles:

President: Steve Moylan

Vice President: Dave DeGrappo

Treasurer:  Open Position

Secretary and Registration Manager: Greg Stevens

Equipment Manager: Open Position

Director of Coaching/Player Agent: Peter Ginolfi

Director of Cheering:  Erica Mourikis

Safety Officer: Howie Lewis

Director of Communications & Website Management: Open Position

Concessions Manager:  (manage the snack shack for 4 home games) Open Position


Chase Moylan hands to Cole Terry, block from Cade McAdams


Zack Ribeiro runs in pick six, Tigers celebrate 14 to 0 win at Lynnfield

Wile, De, Yani

Jack Wile, Jackson DeGrappo, Alex Yanakakis and d-line for Tigers C Team


•Coaching Clinics: Many of the coaches will attend offseason coaching clinics put on by some of the best coaches from successful youth, HS, College and Pro (Patriots and Eagles) organizations.  Emphasis during most of these sessions is safety, proper drills and techniques, safe tackling and keys to improving our program.


Video on HUDL:  In 2015, filming games and practices will continue to be an important part of improving and developing our teams.  We had a great experience with HUDL last Fall and want to improve our use of this online tool in the off-season and find ways to get more players to review video at home. Please send us an email if you want to help with HUDL.

Concussion Awareness:  All of our coaches are required to complete an online course with USA Football that covers concussion awareness and prevention.  All coaches are taught proper tackling techniques and “concussion awareness” and we teach all the players the “heads-up tackling” technique from USA Football . We promote the “when in doubt, sit him out” mantra if /when we have even the slightest concern about excessive head to head contact in practice or games.  This will be a priority again in 2015.


Uniforms: The JVC, C and B teams all received new game jersey’s last year (A Team will get new jersey’s this Fall thanks to the generous donation from the Fonzo family).  We are also eventually moving all teams to black “integrated game pants”.


It is hard to believe we are thinking about next season already, but mark the calendar for the week of August 10, 2015 to pick-up equipment and start the season at the Ipswich Youth Football Combine.


Thank you,