2016 ITYFL Board of Directors

President: Steve Moylan

Vice President, Director of Communication: Dave DeGrappo

Vice President, Treasurer: Greg Stevens

Secretery: Open

Equipment Manager & Game Field Manager: Danny Parro

Player Agent, Head Coach: Dan Lonergan

Director of Cheering:  Erica Mourkis

Safety Officer: Howie Lewis

Director of Flag Football: Matt Beaver, Ipswich YMCA

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Our Coaching Philosophy:

Make sure the kids have fun, stay safe and learn the fundamentals of football. Teach valuable life lessons like teamwork, preparation, determination, good sportsmanship and how to overcome adversity. Homework and good grades are always a top priority for our players as we are building student athletes and preparing them for high school success.


Coaching Clinics: Many of the coaches have attended offseason coaching clinics put on by some of the best coaches from successful youth, HS, College and Pro (Patriots and Eagles) organizations.  Emphasis during most of these sessions were safety, proper drills and techniques, safe tackling and keys to improving your program.


Concussion Awareness: All of our coaches are required to complete an online course with USA Football that covers concussion awareness and prevention.  All coaches are taught proper tackling techniques and “concussion awareness” and we then teach all the players the “heads-up tackling” technique from USA Football . We promote the “when in doubt, sit him out” philosophy.


Welcome to the 2016 Football/Cheer Season!

Ipswich Youth Cheerleading is a program dedicated to your cheerleader, whether she is a veteran or just beginning with the sport there is something for all levels and abilities. Ipswich Youth Cheerleading is open for grades K-8. Pre-Season starts in August and season ends in early November. Practices are usually 2 days/nights a week and one game on the weekend. Teams are broken up by grades generally (sometimes varies) A Team is 7 & 8th, C Team 5 & 6th, D Team 3 & 4th and E Team K-2. We cheer at all football games and compete 2-3 times a season. Come join the fun!



Register by June 1st and SAVE $25. New "early bird" price of $180 moves to $205 on June 1.




Exciting Changes for 2016:

• WE WILL OFFER FLAG FOOTBALL and working closely with the YMCA for the Flag Program. Flag teams will practice and play on Green St Field.

• All home games will be played on the NEW TURF FIELD!

• Early bird discount and save $25.

• Cape Ann League aligning schedules to team size, Ipswich in small division.

• All Players will once again wear “Guardian Caps” during practice and more education on safe tackling via Heads-Up Football.

• Follow us on Facebook for announcements.

• Send any questions to ityflmail@gmail.com 

Welcome to the 2016 Football Season!

The coaches are already working hard to prepare for the 2016 season. Greg Stevens will be the new Head Coach for the A Team and Dan Lonergan will be the Head Coach for the C Team. Erica Mourikis will continue to run the Cheer Program.


IMPORTANT Dates for 2016 Youth Football


May 1 - All registration opens for Tackle, Flag and Cheer.


May 12 - Strength Training Class at High School 6.30 to 8p.


Aug 8 – Equipment pick-up at 19 Mitchell Rd.


Aug 12 – Mandatory Coaches Meeting and on-field session to review Combine Day, Drills, Practice plans and Heads-up Tackling.


Aug 15  - Combine Day and Light practice starts in helmets and shorts (no pads for 3 days). Lot's of running and non-contact drills.

"COMBINE DAY” is  for all players AND KIDS WHO MAY WANT TO INVESTIGATE THE GAME with 6 stations of basic football drills and “timing". A fun way to get the kids back into football and determine positions and skill level. No contact.


Aug 22 - FULL PADS start

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